The Minecraft snapshot 21w20a has been released, and though it isn’t the biggest one to date or the most interesting one, it still added some new features that are worth checking out.

As we already know the Minecraft caves and cliffs update will be split into 2 parts, the first releasing after a few months and the 2nd in the holidays. This can be the reason for the slow rollout of new features.

Snapshot 21w20a

Snapshot 21w20a fixed minor bug fixes which were causing the amethyst geodes to generate much frequently. This now has been changed to increase the rarity of the structure!

Axolotls would play dead if they were harmed by some natural phenomenon, this isn’t the case anymore. The original mechanics of the mob intended it to play dead when it was attacked by a hostile mob, but due to some bug, it was playing dead when hurt by lava or suffocating.

Aldo the axolotl would march straight into lava, its pathfinding has been tweaked so that it doesn’t commit suicide anymore. It also used to get stuck in stairs which now is fixed.

Apart from these changes, there were many parity changes that are bringing the bedrock and java versions closer. Mojang want’s all the Minecraft games to have similar features.

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