Hytale made a lot of noise when the trailer first dropped, fans were going crazy over the prospect of a new possible Minecraft killer! Hytale looks just like Minecraft, but on steroids!

The promises were big but since then we have had many blog posts and new game footage but nothing more than that. Where’s the game? When will t release? And where’s the Beta?

Hytale Beta!

Hytale started signing up players for the Beta program a long time ago, but nothing seems to be moving forward from there. The team had initially stated that the game may release in 2021, that is this year. But that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore as the game still seems to have a lot of room for improvement.

The Hytale team constantly keeps updating new job roles for the ga,e, and they keep hiring a lot of people. Something big is going on in the team that we don’t know about. Maybe they’re waiting to reveal lots f information at once.

But then again this is all speculation, the team has not made anything clear as of yet. As the hytale team has made it clear that they will let the fans know everything about the progress of the game and we hope they keep that promise.

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