What happens when two of the coolest musical pieces of the year get together?

This is ethereal. It pleases our soul to accept that this exists. This mash-up just might be the best thing you see or hear today!

Stranger Things and The Weeknd ruled our previous year and we can rely on them, very much, to slay our 2017 too! The incredible TV show was the talk of the town, with perfect child actors, plot-line and its 80’s synth-inspired soundtrack. It will be coming back for a second season this year and we cannot wait already! But how lucky do we have to be for something like this to happen? The song by the Weeknd and Daft Punk that’s been slaying the Billboard charts, Starboy got mashed up with the theme of Stranger Things and even The Weeknd loves it!

When a Twitter user uploaded the mashup on his handle, it managed to catch the attention of The Weeknd and he called  it “dope as f**k“.

So, what do you think?