The latest bad blood is between Deadmau5 and his former collaborator!

Deadmau5 and Glenn Morrison may have worked together but something tells us they will never be working again together, as much is already pretty evident from their gruesome Twitter beef.

It all started when Erick Weber took to Twitter to display his views on Joel Zimmerman’s a.k.a. Deadmau5’s music and compared it to Glenn Morrison’s music. The actual spat then began when Deadmau5 said that Morrison doesn’t produce his own music.

The fellow Canadian DJ and music producer Glenn Morrison instantly backfired.

This heated conversation continued when Morrison called Deadmau5 a “little pussy” and Deadmau5 told him to “shut the fuck up”.

Retaliating toward “shut the fuck up“, Glenn Morrison took the conversation to black diamonds and runaway- brides.

However, Deadmau5 didn’t seem very upset with the personal attack.

Further, this was what he had to say:

Further, Glenn Morrison mentioned that he does not have Deadmau5’s popularity, to which Deadmau5 agreed.

Several comments were made by both the parties. When the spat ended, Glenn Morrison tweeted that he has been a victim of bullying by Deadmau5 for years.

And… Deadmau5 had only this to say..