World-renowned electronic artist Martin Garrix teased his fans with some exhilarating information about the future.

The Dutch artist has been enjoying a massively successful career after having won big at the MTV European Music Awards as well as being named the #1 DJ in the world just a few weeks ago. And now, the electronic producer has hit news once again!

After a performance in Las Vegas recently, Martin Garrix sat down for an interview with MTV, revealing some thrilling and surprising information. Teasing his fans with news that he just might be collaborating with a young pop sensation in the future, the artist has everyone engaged. The surprise collaboration is none other than pop icon Justin Bieber.


Talking about the star, Garrix revealed that the two artists have quite a lot in common in addition to having a good friendship. He said, “We love making music, we love writing music, and we tour, like, 90 percent of the year. So we can relate to a lot of things.”

Bieber is no stranger to electronic music, having collaborated with renowned artists Skrillex and Diplo for hit song, ‘Where Are U Now’ which won the Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording in 2016. Garrix also revealed that, as part of a side project, he hopes to launch ‘Martijn Garritsen’ a platform for all his non-EDM songs.

Well, looks like the Dutch producer is going to have an even better 2017 and we can’t wait to see what he does next!

Check out the video below: