Day for Night is redefining the festival experience.

While most festivals emphasise and promote their musical headliners, Houston’s Day for Night pioneers a new approach to what human senses are stimulated. Gathering the world’s cutting-edge installation creators and combining them with alternative and electronic music, next week’s Day for Night seeks to give fans an opportunity to experience something entirely new from 16th to 18th December in Houston. 

Day for Night’s eclectic musical line-up could alone anchor their festival. With the first US return of the immortal Aphex Twin, the psychedelic soundscapes of Odesza, Chet Faker’s alter-ego Nick Murphy, and the raw energy of Run The Jewels, Day for Night curated a line-up for everyone’s tastes and hopes to attract a wide variety of guests. Set in the historic Barbara Jordan Post Office in downtown Houston, the 1.5 million square foot space will host 3 massive stages and welcome visitors from around the world. With such strong and diverse musical talent, Day for Night could easily rest on their laurels and hope for the best. Fortunately, since their inception in 2015, the festival took it upon themselves to separate from the standard festival experience of rotating lights, smoke machines, and LED screens.

The appointment of the venue’s massive space is not by accident. The defunct Barbara Jordan Post Office will transform into a living gallery by multiple renowned installation artists. Here we highlight a few of the festival’s main attractions:


An artist-duo hailing from Paris, NONOTAK are bringing their exhibit SHIRO for a second year which will act, both, as an exhibition and a stage. They will debut a new piece titled ‘HIGHLINE’ that will evoke a similar aesthetic juxtaposing of light and sound.


Using only vibrant, colourful pieces of thread and yarn, Ghostbeast’s ‘SHOPLIFTER’ will serve to inspire spirited and uplifting emotions, all while creating a space that is playful yet thought-provoking.


German artist Robert Seidel seeks to blend the lines of tangible and visual illusions created by projections of colour and of organic nature. ‘HYBRIS’ is a complex arrangement based on original drawings.


Set to be one of the highlights of the festival, ‘OUTLINES’ is created with over 400 lasers and will be encapsulated in a 200 foot building. Exploring the idea of geometric shapes, the installation will engulf guests from every angle.

In only its second year, Day for Night is pushing the boundaries of the standard festival experience and hoping that the combination of cutting-edge art and music belong side-by-side. With festivals like Day for Night, the host city of Houston, TX is competing for attention among a field of usual flag-bearers. From December 16th through the 18th, thousands will descend on what will hopefully set a new example for festivals to follow.

(Images Courtesy – Day For Night)