We’ve all been a little desperate, but this is just extreme!

How many times have you met someone interesting at a music festival, had a great time but lost touch with them once the festival ended? We’re guessing quite a few times. It’s a common tale associated with the momentary thrills of a festival. But not for Nick Hopton.

He met a girl named Freya at the Boomtown festival and they instantly clicked. But he was too afraid to ask for her number. It was only until they parted ways that he realised he was probably never going to see her again. So what did he do? Only what any of us would in a similar situation, of course. He went ahead and put up posters of himself titled ‘Do you know? Freya?’ all around her hometown.

(Credits: Lad Bible)

We’re a little confused if this is cute or creepy, but we are definitely leaning towards the latter. What’s more, the lad actually managed to find her. She saw the poster and got in touch with him and it seems they might be meeting up soon! When asked if he received any prank calls, a weary Hopton replied, “It was a bit scary putting your phone number on a poster like that, and I did have a couple of calls from blokes saying ‘yeah, I’m Freya’. We’ll see what happens now, but my job is to go out and take these posters down now as quickly as possible.”