Art installations to music performances to flamboyantly dressed people; you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your home.

Set to be held from August 28th to September 5th, the Da Vinci themed Burning Man will be bigger and better this year. The 2016 edition will reflect the 15th and 16th century Italian Renaissance and will revolve around workshops focusing on the rediscovery of science, humanist ideals and other historical events that made Florence famous. The Florentines were people known for their deep appreciation of beauty, costume, pageantry, the human anatomy and public art.

Participants will also have the chance to operate an elaborate system of human-powered gears and pulleys that will slowly rotate the Burning Man festival 360 degrees on a vertical plane, as if it were on the axle and spokes of a huge spinning wheel. This is just one of the many art installations at the festival. It will also include the work of artist Hybycozo, who will be displaying three laser cut, glowing ball like structures named “Marvin,” “Starship Bistromath,” and the “Heart of Gold.”


Of course not everyone is lucky enough to attend Burning Man, but fret not. Head on over HERE to catch a LIVE webcast from Black Rock City, Nevada.