The monsoon showcase gets better with some Australian flavor.

20 year old Australian ace Thomas Jack will be touring India this June as part of LUCID’s seasonal showcase of some of the best assorted acts – ‘Space’. Describing his music as a blend of ‘pleasure & happiness’ the Australian is a maestro in the arts of ‘Tropical House’.

thomas jack 2

Hailing from Bemboka, The Australian is only 20 years old & his future is shining as bright as the music he creates. His hit single “Final Speech” led him to a viral tear on top of the HypeM charts where he continued a successful run with follow up tracks such as his stellar remix for Of Monsters and Men “Little Talks” and the extra smooth remix for Adrian Lux’s hit single ”Teenage Crime”. Like the oceans surrounding Thomas’ backyard his music ebbs and flows, sometimes unpredictably but always beautifully.

His sets are filled with pleasure and happiness. Sax, flutes, trumpets, you name it, Thomas brings in the jazz orchestra for a unique style suitable for the masses. Still developing as an artist, Thomas continues to grow and surprise us every day.

Catch him in action this Thursday, the 19th, at Club RoyaltyMumbai.