Organizer Michael Eavis will reportedly splash out £600,000 to vamp up toilets at Britain’s largest music festival.

If you’re headed to Glastonbury this year but have hygiene issues that you simply cannot compromise with, the festival has just invested a humungous amount of cash to make your loo – experience completely stink – free.

glastonbury loos

Organizers are planning to phase out the dreaded portable toilets, with almost 5,000 long-drop and composting toilets at the site instead. There are now 31 locations, each costing £20,000, of the deeper and wider long-drop loos, with the capacity of 28 gully suckers.

Festival organizer Michael Eavis admits he is excited about the new toilets, which will not require emptying during the festival. Waste from the long-drops will be emptied and disposed of after the festival, though it is hoped compost from the composting toilets will fertilise Worthy Farm for two years.

glastonbury festival toilets

Founded in 1970, the Festival was heavily influenced by the hippie and free festival movement & this year it the iconic event will give campers comforts such as free mobile charging, 4G coverage and cash – free food vans.

glastonbury inside

The Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts will take place at Worthy Farm, Somerset this July (27 – 28 – 29) and it appears as though its going to be something mesmerizing. So much to look forward to, you just cannot miss this.