Watch the “Royals” singer throwdown with DJ Harley at FYF Fest.

This week FYF Fest lit up Los Angeles with a ton of great musicians and performances. One of them, undoubtedly, was Flume’s set. DJ Harley, stagename Flume, is one of the most in-demand electronic musicians these days. As if his set wasn’t phenomenal enough already, the astonishingly young and copiously talented pop singer Lorde decided to join him on stage spontaneously.


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Watch the video uploaded on Lorde’s Instagram below of the pop star dancing like a total goofball with the DJ as he blares a mix of Lorde’s own song “Tennis Courts”.

“I kinda got peer pressured into sneaking up onstage and surprising him for a dance party in front of 20,000 people lol. He had no idea it was happening, I decided to go up literally 20 seconds before I did.”
says the caption of the video.

In conclusion: Lorde seems super fun and dances in an uber-adorable way and we want to be friends with her. But apart from that, do subscribe to The Sherp for more festival news.