Think electronic music festivals and new ones are coming up almost every weekend! The Sherp looks at how Imagine Festival manages to be distinctive, yet amazing.

If they are two things that literally catapult a festival to popularity, it’s electronic music, that’s dominating music charts at the moment, and a free-thinking paradise. The amount of freedom and ‘good vibes’ a festival awards its attendees is more crucial than ever. Unfortunately, most electronic festivals have become all about the artists, and the stages, and very little about personal, intimate interaction, much like Canada’s Shambhala music festival. An electronic music haven, where people feel liberated with their creative ideas. Just like Shambhala, Imagine Festival too is making all the right noises.


Held at Old Fourth Ward Park and Masquerade Music Park in downtown Atlanta, Imagine Festival is the accumulator of free-thinking electronic music fans, who dwell in its 2-day musical affair, expressing the best of their creative beliefs. We round up all the reasons that make Imagine a must visit.

The Music

As opposed to most mainstream electronic music festivals that gather the most repeated, clichéd names in the electronic music industry, Imagine gathers the most qualitative names from the scene. Bringing together a variant mix of artists covering dubstep, electrogaze glitch, dance music, electronic rave music, the festival is catering to the ultimate electronic music fan, satisfying every need.



The Sherp picks the artists that you must check out  –

1. The Glitch Mob

The Glitch Mob is probably one of the most hardcore glitch acts to have come out in recent year. Their stage set-up brilliance notwithstanding, the band’s incredible use of synth has earned them rave reviews and fans from the world over.

2. Dada Life

This Swedish duo are a dominant force of nature in the progressive house scene. Their moniker for audience gathering called the Dada Land has earned them quite the number of followers, especially with the soaring success of their second album ‘The Rules of Dada’.

3. Tipper

In terms of categorisation, Tipper’s music fluctuates between ambient electronic, trip hop, pscyhedelic to hip hop and glitch, giving a variety that’s quite unparalleled. One of the most respected Surround Sound composers around, he’s definitely one to watch for.

4. Lil John

Lil John, as a rapper, bring a unique sense of hip hop to his electronic music, combining the best of both the genres to fuse the funkiest kind of music around. So if you’re looking to get some serious dancing done, you must head to his set.

The people

The people at Imagine Festival come with a lot more spirited abandon than regular festival. Prepare to see people expressing themselves in a creative manner, donning the most unique festival garb, along with bringing in the right amount of open-mindedness. Make no mistake, this is no generic music festival with the run of the mill crowd.


The Lifestyle

Imagine Festival adopts a quintessential tripper’s lifestyle, perfect for the raver. From domes that evoke hippie-esque sentiments to activities that beseech you to bring out your creative side, the 2-day festival makes sure you’re having a really candid time, whilst being audience to the most interesting electronic music from the scene.



(All images : Imagine Festival Facebook)