Despite being retired, it looks like the Maryland rapper will be returning to his old ways pretty soon. Logic is dubbed as one of the best rappers of this generation and the entire hip-hop community was shocked when he announced his retirement. But it all seems to be a phase in Logic’s life as he has officially announced his return!

Logic ending ‘Retirement’?

Logic on Thursday put out an Instagram post in which he seems to be hinting towards his return. The post is shown below.

Logic was still dropping music while he was retired, but it was just for fun and nothing serious. The rapper spent his days streaming video games and making beats on Twitch.

His last album No Pressure was a huge success and performed really well on the charts, he was critically appraised for the project. Though many were unhappy when he4 announced retirement it was only a matter of time that Logic returned to his rapping days.

Many artists suffer from a block when they just can’t do anything creative, it is frustrating and if you’re bound by label contracts then the process becomes really tedious. You have to make music even though you don’t feel like it, and in times like this, the quality deteriorates. Hence many take a break, but Logic went full ham and announced his retirement.

Now that he has returned, we expect greater things from him!

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