Artists who failed to fake it!

Justin Bieber is getting a lot of stick for his live performance at the D.Y. Patil Stadium in Mumbai ! Fans are disappointed that they had to shell out an insane amount of money only to witness the 23 year old lip-sync to his songs!

Social media has allowed these folks to exploit their freedom of speech and expression. Even though there have been mixed reactions to his concert, the whole lip-syncing and chewing the gum bit didn’t go down too well with the audience. From, ‘Oh my god, Can’t wait for Bieber’ to ‘Just wasted 15k on seeing Bieber lip-sync’ , we came across a ton of tweets that hitting out on the Biebs.

Unfortunately, the Canadian superstar isn’t one of the first artist to be caught by fans. It happens all the time, and is considered “normal” in the industry. Many musicians get away with it, some have been caught red handed.

Here are 5 artists who were caught out by fans for their terrible lip sync performances!

1. Mariah Carey

The American singer/songwriter is obviously well known for her incredible vocal range but this time she made the news for all the wrong reasons. The event took place Live on Air at the Time Square on New Year’s Eve ! It was a disastrous performance and it garnered quite a lot of flak! No wonder she storms off towards the end!

P.S – This isn’t the first time she’s been caught lip syncing!

2. Bon Jovi

The Front man appeared on Spanish Television and managed to embarrass himself right at the start of his song. You could tell by Jon Bon Jovi’s expression that he had missed the cue. The American rock band could only afford to helplessly smile at each other and went on to perform the popular “Bed Of Roses” !

3. Shakira

Her hips don’t lie, but her lips might. During the Fifa World Cup in South Africa, Shakira performed in front of a huge audience for the opening concert! The Columbian Bombshell was mouthing along to “She Wolf”!

Well, At least no one is complaining about her dance moves!

4. Ashlee Simpson

During her visit to SNL in October 2004, Ashlee Simpson pulled off a normal, unmemorable performance of her hit song, “Pieces Of Me”. But when she returned to the stage to sing the next tune, “Autobiography”, everything fell apart. As she started dancing, ready to begin the song, the vocals for “Piece Of Me” began playing again while her mic was resting at her side!

Lesson – When things don’t go according to plan -you ‘Hoedown’ your way outta the stage!

5. Selena Gomez

The American pop star managed to get lots of attention for this video! You might want to pay special attention at 1:07 to see her screw up. Apparently, she dropped the F-bomb as soon as the performance got done – A musician’s nightmare for sure!