Watch Kanye West, Florence + The Machine and Kim Kardashian in their miniature avatars at the Windsor Legoland. 

Glastonbury gets the Lego treatment by itnnews

Glastonbury – by far one of the most highly anticipated music festivals on the globe, kicks off today with a line-up consisting of Lionel Richie, Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, The Who and a truckload of music’s finest. It wasn’t easy grabbing hold of a ticket for the festival which usually sells out in less than an hour, but there’s an alternative mini festival that toy brand Lego have put together in London that you can initiate your kids to.

legoland rex5

The company that recently replaced Ferrari as the ‘world’s most powerful brand’ has gone through the painstaking task of recreating a mini Glastonbury at their London theme park, and the detailing of this reconstruction is outstanding. Requiring more than 9000 pieces of Lego – Dave Grohl‘s fractured leg, miniature port-a-loo’s, Kanye West accompanied by Kim Kardashian on the Pyramid stage, backstage green rooms – are just some of the examples of the precision with which they’ve put together.

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Proceedings at Glastonbury kick off today until the 28th of June. The festival has consistently provided the world of music with some wonderful moments year after year, so if you want to stay in the loop – stay tuned to the Sherp.

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