In an incredibly viral public notice, the club announces a strict guideline for DJ’s performing after 3AM.

Freshly launched night club AFTER seems to have got it spot – on in terms of making a statement. The Las Vegas joint began circulating a list of ‘Rules’ which looks like this :

DJ rules

So the list has a strict set of laws to abide by if you want to prolong your stay in the DJ booth. A particular set of tracks that you CANNOT play, as well as a ban on being vocally active on the microphone (unless directed by management) are among a few rules you can’t violate.

One may still question the legitimacy of the notice, with reference to whether the club is eventually going to apply it’s ‘rules’ to the artists they eventually sign onto the nightclub.  But the way it’s catching drift on social media, looks like they want us to see the humorous side to it, instead of actually diving into believing it’s going to apply.

A succession of DJ’s tweeted to the nightclub after stumbling upon this news, they responded to Max Graham & Matt Lange via their twitter :


Their replies attest the legitimacy of the announcement, and we question the actual intent behind it – whether its a publicity stunt or the start of a new wave in a clubbing experience, either way –  this is some way to put yourself on the map.

Nailed it guys.