Living techno icon, Marco Bailey, recently released a short documentary depicting his journey through practically the inception of the genre. The Sherp breaks it down for you.

Marco Bailey’s roots in the industry run deep, there is still a lot we don’t know about the Belgian talent. Outside of his insatiable energy on the decks and an obvious love of tattoos, there is still an air of mystery about the legendary producer.

Born & brought up in Belgium, he never thought seriously about music until he was 18. But after that defining moment when he made up his mind, there was just no stopping him. Being the energetic character that he is, he tirelessly made music for days and nights, also spinning at clubs for 10 – 11 hours straight.

The documentary features inputs from the people who helped him establish the legendary status that he possesses today, including the likes of Adam Beyer, Filterheadz, John Digweed, Carl Cox & UMEK. Each one of them, in absolute awe of the level of commitment he puts into each and every aspect of his life.

Belgium has an immensely deep rooted techno background, with the man pioneering the wave with his pure dedication to producing more & more music to deliver to the extremely fanatic Belgian crowd. Marco started making his music at a time when the dance music wave was picking up pace with fresh and new sounds taking center stage with rock music at its base.

Purchasing vinyl after vinyl, Marco blended his studio – made sounds with enigmatic sounds of the era including tracks by the Sex Pistols etc. The entirety of the 20 – odd minute documentary depicts the change in the sound of music and Marco’s role as the catalyst.

He claims that the defining moment in his career was when he played at Club Space alongside Carl Cox –describing it as the pinnacle of his journey.  The documentary is not completely centered around himself but also showcases the growth of techno in the mid 80’s and 90’s.  Also, at regular intervals you can listen to some of his best tracks in the background.

Marco caps off the documentary by thanking everyone who helped him throughout, and urges young fans to ‘not follow any trend, or hype, and just let your love for music drive you’  in order to become successful in the industry.

An amazingly pure and insightful watch.

His India tour kicks off this Thursday, The Sherp cannot wait.