The Do Lab completely outdid themselves by building a MASSIVE structure at the 2016 Boom Festival!

Every two years, the lavish space near the Idanha-a-Nova Lake, Portugal transforms into the sacred lands of Boom Festival! The festival, held in a gap of two years, is a haven for all psy-trance lovers from all over the world. The festival is known for holding top-of-the-line musical acts, holistic workshops and art exhibits, all under one roof. 

This year, Los Angeles based event production virtuoso’s Do Lab made their way to the Boom Festival for the third time to venture on a mega-project, the biggest they’ve engineered till date- the Boom Dance Temple! The Dance Temple completely foreshadowed all the previous stages and attempts that have been achieved over the years. The stage was a sight to behold in terms of sheer magnitude, size, design and the overall concept!

Credits: Jakob Kolar

The massive visionary project took over 10 months to conceptualise and construct. The Temple, at a staggering 50,000 square feet, was almost equal to TWO “Big Fish”(The Do Lab stage at Coachella). That is enough to give you an idea of scale! The main motive of constructing the huge stage was to provide festival goers with an un-obstructed dance floor which could hold a huge number of people comfortably!

Credits: Pierre Ekman

Credits: Pierre Ekman

One of the biggest achievements while building the huge stage was the implementation of new infrastructural methods to support the colossal weight of the Temple, continuously pushing the boundaries into a new frontier of ingenuity.

The Do Lab stages have always taken inspiration from nature and earthly elements that we’re surrounded with. This years inspiration for the Dance Temple was no different. They envisioned a beetle or a scarab which would serve as the roof for the waves of people raving below it!

What a visual treat!