This song is not Anti-American, it’s Anti-war!

Green Day, back in 2000s, was not a band which shied away from speaking their mind at all! Their song ‘Holiday‘ from the ever famous album “American Idiot” was a direct shout out to all the politicians and their methods of screwing up the nation. The song was a powerful anthem which connected well with the teenage angst of the time. But seems like no matter what year it is, the song seems like it will always be prevalent, no matter what! 

They recently performed in New Jersey to a packed crowd and while everyone seemed in the spirit, they were in for a surprise speech from front man himself Billie Joe Armstrong! The song, after the first verse, usually goes into a break of sorts, the lights go dark, Billie whips out a huge torchlight and screams into the crowd. In the 2000s, he used to abuse George Bush, the then president for all his atrocities, but now he has found a new target – Donald Trump!

Once he gets everyone clapping, he addresses the crowd saying “Have you guys been watching the news lately? What do you think of our candidates for the Presidency of the United States of America? What do you think of New York’s finest, Mr. Donald Trump?” said Billie into the microphone and needless to say the mention of Donald’s name itself incited boo-ing from the whole crowd! 

He then continued the rant by saying – “No racism in this f*cking room! There is no white supremacy in this f*cking room right now! We are coming together tonight in New Jersey to call bullshit on all the f*cking politicians tonight!” He then proceeded to chant the usual monologue at the end!

This was one performance that shows that the majority of the nation is in hopes of Donald Trump not getting elected and that Green Day will ALWAYS be young at heart and will always kick-ass!