Delhi-based music producer and videographer, Abhishek Sekhri, who runs a recording studio called Kintsugi Studios in Chittaranjan Park recently started a new YouTube series called Kintsugi Sessions.

The self-taught sound engineer set up the studio in 2014 and saw this series as a great way to promote his space. It is a music performance video series that features indie artists from around the world. Every week will feature a new artist. The first of the seven episode was aired on 20th October and featured Delhi-based singer-songwriter Takar Nabam.


Takar Nabam is the lead in the progressive metal band, ‘Guillotine’, as well as a jazz band called ‘Takatrio’. He also performs solo on a regular basis. In the episode, he plays a mellow acoustic song called Bitter Love’, that he had written about a past lover. He was accompanied by Anant Dayal on the accordion and Dhruv Bhola on the electric guitar, giving the song a folksy shade.

Sekhri’s aim was not just to bring new songs, but create an overall experience of a performance. This is why, in the video you can see hues of yellow in the lighting, enhanced by the fairy lights wrapped around the mike, creating a perfect vibe for the song.

The second episode that premiered yesterday, on 27th October, had electronic music producer and vocalist Tarana Marwah performing a track from her Japanese-inspired project ‘Komorebi’. Sans the support of her drummer, she plays the synth heavy Nam Myoho Renge Kyo’, and it still sounds just as spectacular. The rest of the season also looks promising. The other artists lined up for the series include Brooklyn-based guitarist and vocalist Bhrigu Sahni, singer-songwriters Amartya Ghosh and Saby, rock, jazz and blues trio Kern Dalton Collective and flamenco guitar duo The Latin Strum as upcoming acts in the series. “I only chose artists I really enjoyed listening to. Apart from that, I wanted all seven artists in the first season to be different from one another, in terms of the style of music and sound,” Sekhri explains.

You can watch the first two episodes of the series below. Watch the trailer for Kintsugi Sessions here.