Kid Laroi has shaken the industry with this move, getting signed to one of the biggest management in the music industry. Everyone knows about the level of fame Bieber has acquired over the years, and Laroi will now have the resources to catapult his career to that level as well.

Big Moves!

Kid Laroi was signed to the Late Juice Wrld’s label, but that deal has come to an end it seems. There were a lot of deals on the table for Laroi, but he chose to go with Braun’s all-star roster, SB-projects which include the likes of Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato, J Balvin, and many more!

This is a very big move for Laroi who still isn’t even legal to drink yet, the kid’s 17 years old, and has already achieved a lot.

He even collaborated with Justin Bieber on the song unstable! In a recent interview, he had some great things to say about Bieber. According to Laroi, Justin was his inspiration, when he was younger, Laroi thought Justin was the coolest kid. Due to this admiration, Laroi and Bieber have grown close, they even play basketball every weekend!

A Sigh of relief for Juice wrld fans!

It has been a long time since Juice Wrld’s passing, but the record label still puts out old music with new features to milk every last penny from his music. The fans are against this, it hurts Juice’s legacy they say.

With a new Juice Wrld album on the horizon, fans are getting, even more, angrier, the album will surely have nothing to do with Juice’s vision. The same happened with XXXtentacion. Now that Laroi has left the record label, he won’t be able to be on Juice’s songs.

Kid Laroi and Juice Wrd had similiar styles, hence their collabs are just like new Juice Wrld songs.

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