Juice Wrld’s videographer went on a tweeting spree recently and it turns out all the details regarding Juice Wrld’s death were actually fake. The videographer called Chris made a bunch of tweets shedding light on what had actually happened. Juice Wrld’s addiction was out of control it seems from all his statements.

Juice Wrld’s death is sadder than we thought

The notion many major media outlets put out was really shady since the start. Most of the stories went something like this; Juice Wrld had a weapon, 70 pounds of weed, and a lot of pills when he arrived at the airport. Juice seeing the police, panicked and stuffed all the pills in his mouth.

But this sounds ridiculous, even though the pills are gone, what about the weed and the gun he had? And knowing Juice Wrd, he has been taking pills for a long time, he’d know what these pills would do if he took too many, then why would he do it.

Turns out that’s not what happened. His videographer gave us clarity about the situation. When they arrived at the airport, Juice wasn’t actually afraid of the police, he could’ve just thrown away all the stuff he had. The gun his videographer would’ve handled as he had a license.

But Juice was addicted to these pills to the point that he knowing how damaging they will he took a lot of them and had a seizure and dis in the hands of his girlfriend.

Many blame his videographer and friends for not helping him quit, but it turns out Juice didn’t want to, he actually wanted to go to rehab so that he could reduce his tolerance. The team would ask him to stop, but he would sneak behind their backs and buy them, his girlfriend also helped him in this. A person can’t be helped if he doesn’t want good for him.

Juice Wrld was really young and had a promising career, unfortunately he got to addicted to these drugs.

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