Promising to break the winter monotony, Day for Night is a one-of-a-kind festival that will combine light and sound art in a way befitting its description as an experiential event. And the lineup’s pretty awesome too!

Scheduled for December 19-20 in Houston, Texas, this path-breaking music festival is definitely going to make itself stand out. “What we aim for here is the wonder, the jaw-dropping allure, the accoutrements that make a festival fun: socially relevant risk-taking art, and the surprises that catch participants off guard to let the magic in,” says Omar Afra, the producer of Day for Night.

The Day for Night installations will be created by Work Order, as well as some amazing digital artists for the visuals. Kendrick Lamar, New Order and the Phillip Glass Ensemble are the top names booked by the festival, along with artists like Flying Lotus, Dillon Francis, Nicholas Jaar and Janelle Monae. All the performances will be against the backdrop of the visuals, resulting in something that doesn’t limit the experience to just one sense.

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The festival organisers say, “Immersive lighting, projection, and video art will be displayed in two controlled environments with stages serving as indoor performance halls featuring live musical performances. A third, outdoor stage will showcase continuous artistic content including music, original video installations, projections, and lighting. At Day for Night, artists will be encouraged to fulfill their complete headlining acts without the limitations of standard, stripped-down festival logistics.”