The collaboration is one that is exciting for sure.

When the two DJs were planning another collaboration after their 2008 hit “I Remember”, fans were exploding with excitement all over the globe and “Beneath With Me” is one stunning piece for sure.

Initially, Deadmaus5‘s tune was to be used on another track, but the two got together along with vocalist Skylar Grey and created this monster 4 minute audio, complete with synth sounds and a really good drop. Check it out:

The track isn’t like Kaskade‘s usual bright sound but leans towards a more darker origin. Grey’s soft yet prominent voice is steady throughout the song and builds slowly until it blends seamlessly with the drop that’s a perfect combination of bass and drums.

The song appeared on SoundCloud and a video for the same was released a few days later. The eeriness of the lyrics is emphasised with the visual of Grey at the site of a car accident. It has some serious Tim Burton-like vibes and we’re digging it.

This is the second time Grey has collaborated with Kaskade after appearing on “Room For Happiness” after releasing her own single with Eminem “Kill For You” a few weeks ago.

This collaboration between all three has been long awaited after the two producers were going back and forth on social media about the same until one version came out, but it has disappeared after this one came out.