The comedian is “Learning to DJ” in a new video recently uploaded by Arjun Vagale!

Celebrated DJ Arjun Vagale teamed up with comedic legend Kanan Gill to deliver a lighthearted take on music elitists that claim DJing requires little to no skill and delved into the usual mainstream-bashing tropes of modern musical culture in a most amusing way. Brought to you by Dewarists, the hilarious video is a commentary on the birth of electronic music and the work of a DJ.

“A few weeks ago, Kanan Gill called me and asked if I could teach him how to DJ! I invited him to I Love Music Academy in Delhi where I gave him a literal ‘crash course’ in a day … this is what went down!” Arjun Vagale tweeted.

After what seems like endless hours of toiling in misery, Kanan Gill was able to achieve what he set out for- DJing at a club with real people and everything!

Watch the video here!