The much anticipated Don Toliver and Lil Uzi Vert collab just dropped on Cole Bennett’s youtube channel, Lyrical Lemonade. The song has captivating visuals combined with the graceful voice of Don Toliver. The song consists of features from Lil Uzi and Gunna.

The song is from the newly found collective/record label internet money. They’ve been dropping songs for a long time now. The first track to blow up also consisted of Gunna and Don Toliver called Lemonade!

His And Hers

The song has a nice melody to it, the beat seems to be mixed nicely, there wasn’t any sign of bad mixing at all. Don Toliver starts the song off with a great hook, which has now become a staple for Don Toliver, his intoxicating voice is enough to lighten up anyone’s mood. The hook is heavenly, but the lyrics are straight-up trash.

For example, the first line goes like this ‘Baby hit it back and burp’. What does that even mean? Is Don Toliver’s girl a baby, that he has to make her burp? We don’t expect these rappers to deliver the best lyrics ever, but this is just lazy writing and nothing else.

Gunna once again brings his synthetic, plastic flow which is generic, to say the least. He brings nothing to the song, the song would’ve been better without him.

And lastly, we come to Uzi, who did deliver a decent verse with vocal inflections. Nothing too out of the box that we expect from him. Regardless of all this criticism, the song’s a bop and you should give it a listen.

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