The owner of the NorthEast United FC football team has been uplifted by the essence of the region.  

John Abraham has announced that he will be visiting the Ziro Festival of Music this year. He says, “I have heard a lot about the Ziro festival …it’s one of Arunachal’s biggest  highlights and I’m planning to visit my team( NE United) around the festival dates so that I can attend it this time.”


Recently he was appointed as the brand ambassador for Arunachal Pradesh and this visit marks his first duty as brand ambassador. He says, “I have always been fascinated with northeast India. Arunachal is a state rich with culture, mysticism, great people and stunning views. When I’m there, all I need is some music, my boots to walk around and a mind free from all worries to be able to embrace the mesmerising beauty of Arunachal Pradesh”.



The Ziro Festival of Music is due on the 22nd-25th of September at Arunachal Pradesh, which is a beautiful musical experience for enthusiasts who like to give their musical taste buds a hint of enchantment. The Ziro Festival of Music is an outdoor music festival held in the Ziro valley in the northeast Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. It showcases the independent music scene in India. The festival was founded in 2012 by Bobby Hano and MENWHOPAUSE guitarist Anup Kutty, and has featured artists like Lee Ranaldo, Steve Shelley, Sha’air n Func, Indus Creed, Peter Cat Recording Co, Menwhopause, and Barmer Boys among others in the past. The festival is spread over four days and is hosted by members of the Apatani people in Ziro.