In what was the mother of all impromptu collaborations, Jet Airways recently tied in with Submerge and Nikhil Chinapa to send two lucky fans for Above and Beyond’s ABGT 200 in Amsterdam!

The contest initially started with Submerge announcing a single winner for the ABGT 200 contest that they had held. 

Jet Airways then tweeted about how Amsterdam is an amazing city, to which Nikhil Chinapa suggested to Jet about how they should hold a contest and send one more fan to Amsterdam for the gig! 

To which Jet Airways surprisingly replied that they might actually be interested in sending one more fans over to the city! 

Needless to say, everyone was surprised at this sudden suggestion and acceptance from Jet Airways and excitement levels started to go through the roof!

Once the verbal confirmation between the two biggies got out, Submerge promptly sent in all the entries that came in for the contest for Jet Airways to choose from! 

Soon enough, the next day Jet Airways resurfaced online ready with the winner and sent Twitter into a mad frenzy! 

Soon enough, Jet Airways put everyone out of their misery by announcing the winner! 

We can’t stop feeling good about the fact how unexpected and a huge gesture this was from Jet Airways! One can only hope that more and more collaborations happen and the music world keeps expanding and the love keeps spreading!