Last week fans at the Burning Man were in for a shock when they saw Daft Punk at the Trash Fence, jamming with GRiZ and dropping some sick music as usual!

But calm down, turns out it wasn’t actually Daft Punk, but The Funk Hunters posing as the famed french duo complete with the total outfit and helmets. For the past few years, rumours fire up every year that Daft Punk would be playing at the Trash Fence, but those rumours are always put to rest with the absence of the legends. And add to that the mystery and the secrecy Daft Punk has built up over the years. You can image how surprised fans were when they believed it was ACTUALLY Daft Punk!

The elaborate setup was done by Tucker Gumber aka The Festival Guy, who went through the pains of getting the helmets made and roped in the Funk Hunters to give the famed faux appearance! The duo gladly played along as they are huge fans of the maestros. All of the hard work resulted in The Funk Hunters taking the stage and playing an hour long set filled with all the major Daft Punk hits!

GRiZ later shared the video of him playing the saxophone while “Daft Punk” is next to him bursting out tracks! The video which got over a million views sent everyone into a frenzy about whether it was real!

One can only imagine the brains behind a stunt like this. Although they were Daft Punk impersonators in the end, we’re pretty sure it must have been a hell of an experience!