Tmrw.Tday would make Bob Marley proud if he were alive today!

May, 2017 saw the inauguration of something unique and much needed- a music festival that heavily emphasises and revolves around environmental activism and soul rejuvenationTmrw.Tday Culture Fest launched its initial edition earlier this year for a week long celebration of music, nature and spirituality, from the 17th to 23rd of May.

Credits: Russell Ward

Geographically set in the pristine coastal town of Negril in JamaicaTmrw.Tday Culture Fest hosts a festival unlike any other with a serene backdrop of beaches and picturesque sunsets. The 7 mile stretch of Irie Soul Beach marked the inaugural event on Day 1 specially curated by Irie Soul Program Directors, Stacy Chang-Christoforou and Gillian B. The festival featured three unique and diverse stage locations for music and workshops across all days.

Credits: Corey Hamilton

The festival was spread along the stretch of the Irie Soul beach and the local resort town that bustled with life with attendees taking part in various workshops and witnessing the international music acts. The daytime activities on the beach included Acro Yoga by Toronto-based performance duo, the Acro Buddhas. Activities such as workshops, fitness classes, meditations and beachside bootcamps were some of the other daytime activities that participants could indulge in to revitalize their mind, body and spirit along the calm beaches of the Negril coast.

Credits: Corey Hamilton

Living, breathing and preaching the principles of reggae, anecdotes of Bob Marley were sprawled across the venue with performances also being heavily reggae centric. The first night of the festival was inaugurated with performances by Teflon Zinc Fence & Yaadcore and the unexpected impromptu freestyle collab of legendary Lee Scratch Perry at the local Kenny’s Italian Cafe.  

The highlight of the following night was the Reggae Revival Concert at Boardwalk Village resort, with masterclass on reggae-rebel music and performances by Protoje & The Indiggnation, Sevana, Runkus and Yaadcore. The initial performances sparked a festive night for revellers at the venue. Continuing the high vibes into the afternoon, Crew Love along with Echomatik, David Marston, Nick Monaco, and Wolf + Lamb enthralled crowds at the beach stage.

Come Monday, The Sands at Caves Hotel was taken over by Chris Blackwell and Gabre Selassie to host Dub Cave with soulful reggae & dub sounds being the primary sounds for the evening. A perk for the free-spirited was a short hike down the cliffside to secluded candlelit caverns where bartenders served up some mean cocktails and a tribal drum circle entertained the crowds.

The USP of the festival is its unique attempt to bring forth oneness with nature in alignment with the principles of Rastafarianism. The leaders at the forefront of this movement was International Wellness Ambassador David Wolfe, co-founder of and founder and president of the non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation charity. To kick off an auspicious inaugural event of the global gathering, David Wolf put together a Cacao Ceremony and Dance Party in addition to a Farm-to-Table Dinner Series and Rasta River Tour at Zimbale Retreats. Another special addition in promoting environmental consciousness was the screening of internationally-acclaimed, feature-length adventure documentary A Plastic Ocean created by Plastic Oceans Foundation, who are also the official environmental charity at Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest. 

After a very successful inaugural festival, Tmrw.Tday Culture Fest is setting the bar for a new era of festival experiences. With all the experiences this festival has to offer, it is no surprise that it is becoming one of the most sought after festivals in 2018. Official dates for their 2018 edition will be announced soon on their website here.

Credits: Russell Ward

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