Controversies surrounding music fests just seem to keep rising..

Ultra Singapore, wrapped up recently after putting up a show with some of the biggest names in the biz including Hardwell, Steve Angello, KSHMR and Tiesto. However, the Dutch DJ and producer ran into problems when his flight got delayed between Beijing and Singapore and he couldn’t make it on time for the festival. As a result, he could only play a 30 minute set.

Upset by the whole situation, the Dutch producer took to Facebook, along with his tour and production manager to give his views on the whole situation. As per the video, Diablo won’t be playing any ULTRA event in the future.

 Diablo’s managers also revealed that theyweren’t really welcome anymore, and most of all that [they] weren’t getting paid for the show”.

A few excepts from the video:

I’m not alone in this…there are a lot of DJs – some of your favorite DJs – that are not performing at the festival. Everybody’s just afraid to speak out because everybody wants to perform at Ultra, because it’s a fantastic festival and we want to be there for you guys.

We’ve decided as a team that we can no longer perform at any of the Ultras in the near future. That includes the ones that have been announced because we feel there is no way back at this point.

Check out the video below: