Player Unknowns Battleground or PUBG: mobile for short caused a revolution in the gaming industry by introducing the battle royale mode. Since then there have been multiple clones and games adapting the battle royale style in their games.

But unfortunately, the game was banned in India last year due to a political issue, but we have some latest news regarding its comeback.

PUBG: Mobile returning to India

The game is from South Korea, well the PC counterpart is. But the mobile version was developed by Tencent, which has ties with the Chinese communist party. The company had been stealing data from users, seeing this as an national issue, India decided to ban many Chinese apps, including PUBG.

The ban was a huge loss for the PUBG company, as India has one of the biggest player bases in the world. So to tackle this issue they started developing a new version of PUBG: mobile, just for the Indian market.

The servers will also be relocated to a safer country. And if the popular PUBG: mobile content creator Luv Sharma is to be believed, then the game has already been approved by the IT ministry and will launch in India,

Take the above statement with a grain of salt though, as this isn’t official. And game development takes time. Till PUBG returns to the Indian Market, check out these FPS games – Top 3 FPS games like PUBG for mobile devices!