In recent years, not only in the professional environment but also among ordinary Internet
users, it is increasingly possible to hear conversations, arguments, and opinions about the
so-called Darknet. Yet, at the same time, even the participants in such discussions
sometimes do not fully understand what they are talking about.

Today we will give you a quick overview of how to get there, what you can find there, and
what you should be wary of. And if you want to know how to play Andar Bahar online, follow
this link. for this action, you do not even need a login to the Darknet.

What is Darknet, and where does it exist?

Darknet, aka Dark Web, aka “Dark Internet” and “Dark Net” (sometimes erroneously called
“Deep Web” or “Deep Internet”), is essentially the same computer network as the Internet we
are used to. But it is focused on maximum anonymity and privacy of users’ data. In other
words, there are many sites you can’t find in regular search engines and can’t open with a
standard browser installed on the office computer. In such a network, data is transmitted in
encrypted form directly from user to user through anonymous connections, and IP
addresses, unlike on the regular Internet, are not available to the public. It allows users of
the dark web to communicate without fear that their private information will be shared with
third parties, be they ISPs, the government, scammers, advertisers, or hackers.
However, you shouldn’t think of the Darknet as a secret community of technological geeks,
where only the chosen few are allowed. On the contrary, any network user can get into the
Darknet if they want to: getting the appropriate software tools is only necessary. But finding
what you need on the Darknet is much more complicated. But let’s talk about it one by one.

How does Darknet work?

It would take an entire lecture to explain how the Darknet works from scratch adequately. It
is why we will leave the subtle technical details and nuances aside. Instead, let’s outline the
picture in general – so that the main points are understandable to any user.
What is the difference between the Darknet and the ordinary Internet? As mentioned above,
the data is passed from user to user via a chain of P2P connections that form virtual tunnels.
All participants in the Darknet are equal, with the same rights and opportunities. Everyone
builds their data chains through other users and, simultaneously, can become a link in the
chain for someone else’s transmission. Virtual tunnels use several layers of encryption,
which prevent third parties from accessing user information, even in the case of interception.
In addition, many anonymous networks have additional protections against compromising
personal data. For example, Tor, the most popular darknet browser today, uses so-called
onion routing. When data is sent down the chain, it is encrypted many times. At each point in
the chain, only the level of encryption is removed, allowing a packet of information to be sent
to the next issue (as if another layer were removed from the onion). Thus, none of the users
transmitting your message can know who sent it, who it was intended for and what it
contains. For all the mystery and danger of the Darknet, we can say that the average user of
the “Shadow Network” is much more protected than users on the regular Internet.

Why do we need the Darknet, and what can be found there?

The main advantages of the Darknet – are anonymity, safety, isolation from the World Wide
Web with its ubiquitous Web 2.0, centralization, and the need to be logged on every site
through accounts of global social networks. In layman’s terms, Darknet is often painted as a
haven for all online criminals, fraudsters, sectarians, and other cranks, but this is only half
true. Users who are tired of the online noise and garbage of the global network, looking for
small cozy communities of interest and value the security of personal data, come here. The
Darknet is full of people who discovered the Internet long before a monopoly like Google
came along, and today long for the days when we had chat rooms and forums instead of
social networks. Then, it was easy to be anonymous online.
When it comes to darknet sites, they are not only marketplaces for illegal merchandise, as
the media often says. Instead, the Darknet is full of mirror versions of popular resources,
from Wikipedia to perfectly legal online stores. In addition, there are many thematic forums,
exchanges for exchanging crypto- and regular currencies, blogs, chat rooms, specially
protected mailboxes, and much more on the Darknet!

Disadvantages and Dangers of the Darknet

At the household level, the main disadvantages of Darknet are slow connection speed and
the need to learn how to use specialized programs. In addition, since the data is transferred
in a long chain from one node to another, the time it takes to load pages and files will be
much longer than in the usual Google Chrome or Firefox. At first, a slow connection can be
very annoying, mainly if you are used to the regular Internet, but it’s a matter of getting used
to it.
Particular browsers are used to access the Darknet: Tor, I2P, Whonix, and others. And not
only can they be not so easy to use for a beginner, but it can also be challenging to get
them. In many countries, portals with such browsers are blocked, and you can’t get there
without a VPN or other blocking tools.
As for the dangers that may await users of the Darknet, they are often exaggerated. Yes,
there is always a risk of encountering illegal activities on the shadow Internet, but a
reasonable person will not participate. And to protect yourself from intruders, it is sufficient to
follow the standard rules of online security. Be sure to use an antivirus and firewall. Don’t

share your data; don’t log in to compromised accounts using a darknet browser. And on no
account, open unverified files from unknown sources on your devices.
If you want to know Dragon Tiger rules, you don’t need Darknet for that. Instead, it’s a simple
query that Google does just fine.

How to get into the Darknet?

You can access the Darknet from any modern gadget, regardless of its technical
characteristics. Suitable as a laptop, designed for office work, and, for example, a budget
smartphone running Android. The main thing you need is:
● stable network connection;
● appropriate software.


A program called Tor is the most popular dedicated browser for accessing the Darknet,
available on many devices, including PCs and smartphones. The program opens access to
an anonymous network in the onion domain with onion routing. You can download it free
from the developers’ official website, but in many countries, it is blocked by local network
regulators and does not open without a VPN.
Suppose you have already managed to download and install the Tor browser. In that case, it
makes sense to connect to the so-called bridges – particular nodes in the anonymous
network that encrypt the outgoing and incoming traffic to bypass blockages while working in
the browser. To get a bridge, you must write a letter to the developers’ mailbox. Then you
can go to explore the boundless expanses of the Darknet using Tor!