You might not realize this, but companies exist now where you can do a free person search. These business entities have tools that act as search engines if you type in someone’s name. The search engine immediately goes to work and finds out what it can about that person by scouring the internet’s sources.

If you know more about the person, like their home address, phone number, email, and more, you can often learn even more about them. You might wonder why you would want to take the time to do that, though. We’ll talk about five of the best reasons to use one of these tools in the following article.

You’re Thinking About or Already Dating Them

You can try the free person search engine at if you’re thinking about dating an individual or you’re already in a relationship’s first stages with them. Maybe you met this person through one of the many popular dating apps that exist. You might know them through work, or a friend introduced you.

You can’t know very much about this person unless you’ve known them for a long time. Assuming that’s not the case, you only have the information they see fit to tell you.

You don’t want to suspect the other person isn’t telling you the truth, but many people have secrets they’d like to conceal. For instance, maybe this individual has a secret other family, and they’re only interested in you for a physical relationship. A free person search should quickly reveal this information.

You’re Thinking About Hiring this Person

You might do a free person search if you own or operate a business and you think this individual might make a good fit for an open position. You might interview them and like their attitude, and they may have impeccable references. They might not want to reveal some other key background details, though.

You can find out through one of these searches that this person has a criminal record. Maybe they have a couple of parking tickets or a minor drug arrest, but perhaps they spent time in jail for manslaughter or something equally heinous.

If so, you may want to reconsider hiring them. Many people deserve a second chance, but if this individual did something completely repellant, you might feel like that’s enough to keep them from ever working for your company.

You Can Check on a Relative

You might have someone contact you and say they’re a blood relation. However, you may not remember or believe them. Perhaps they want cash from you, or they want you to buy something from them. That often happens with multilevel marketing schemes.

You may not feel sure you know this person, and you want to find out the truth before you do anything for them or even speak to them. A simple name search can reveal a lot about this individual. What you find might indicate that they’re a genuine relative, or it could just as easily reveal a fraudster trying to perpetrate a criminal act.

You Can Check on Someone’s Education Background

Let’s revisit the scenario where you’re considering hiring someone for your company. Maybe you look at their resume, and it’s very impressive, but you’re not confident you believe some of what you read there. For instance, maybe this person says they’re a Harvard or Yale graduate or that they did something equally impressive.

If you’re skeptical, you should know that these checks can find out whether someone really went to a particular school or not. Academic institutions make these records public, and you can at least find out whether someone attended a school and graduated like they claimed.

If they didn’t, you can confront them about that. They might admit they fabricated that detail, which means they may lie about other things as well. You probably should not hire them.

Look Up a New Friend

Even if you’re not going to date someone, you might want to look up a potential new friend. Maybe you encounter this person, and you seem to hit it off. You might arrange to go over to their place to watch a ballgame or meet them at a bar.

You can do a person search to learn a little more about them before you see any more of them. Maybe they have a checkered past, and you’d like to learn that before you interact with them again, especially in a private setting.