According to a touring schedule put up on, the English singer will be on an Asian tour which includes Mumbai as one of the pitstops 

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India has seen a lot of foreign talent arrive in the past year, but this is one name that we surely didn’t expect to pick up anytime soon. If rumours are to be believed, Ed Sheeran, one of modern music’s most popular names, will be performing in Mumbai on March 1, 2015, at the Mahalaxmi Race Course.

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The touring schedule according to a website states that the English heartthrob will be performing in Asia in Qatar, UAE, India, Phillippines and Oman. Check out the schedule on the website HERE.

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Although the legitimacy of the website is highly questionable, owing to the fact that no other website or even Ed Sheeran’s own can attest this schedule. His Facebook live schedule shows no mention of an Asian detour and as hard as it is to believe in the authenticity of this news, one really hopes this turns out to be true.

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Ed Sheeran is one of the finest live performers in the world right now, and the Sherp sincerely hopes something noteworthy pops up in the days to come. In the meanwhile, enjoy this mesmerizing Ed Sheeran show from Glastonbury:


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