With getaway festivals being the new norm promising a weekend worth of vacation and music, Ireland’s Forbidden Fruit prides itself on putting together a successful city based festival. The Sherp dissects.

Ireland may be famous for Rugby and St. Patrick’s Day, but what Ireland also knows a thing or more about, are music festivals. So much so that the Forbidden Fruit scheduled this year for the last three days of the month, organised in the capital city of Dublin rakes in high points for its cohesive affair. Read on to find out more.

Style Quotient

Forbidden Fruit, styled as a self-proclaimed modern Garden of Eden takes place on the grounds of the Irish Museum of Modern Art. It’s the kind of weather and arrangement that allows you to not go the hillbilly route as you’re most prone to do, but actually spruce up! And the fact that you can travel from the comfort of the homes is a blessing, you’ll realise.


That Musical Set-up

Forbidden Fruit gets many things right, but it scores best in regards to the impressively generated line-up. Their variety is of course super commendable. Here are The Sherp’s picks from the lot!


Fatboy Slim

Legendary producer Norman Cook better known by his stage name Fatboy Slim is ending his sort-of-hiatus-like phase by appearing at a number of festivals, one of which is Forbidden Fruit. The crusader of the big beat genre, Fatboy Slim is known for his popular productions such as Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat and Right Here, Right Now. There is no excuse for missing him in action!

Jamie XX

Jamie XX is not just the producer and handler of all things electronic and percussion based of the indietronica British group The XX, his solo career in the trip-hop genre is extremely well nuanced. Especially with the release of his new album In Colour after a break of four year, his live performance will only conform with his music’s indiepop framework.

Wu-Tang Clan

Wu Tang Clan has a religious following for all good reasons concerning their music. This hip-hop group, having risen from the boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn has often been termed as one of the best rap groups of all time! Their album Wu-Tang Forever has a certified legendary status in the hip-hop circuit.

Run The Jewels

This hip-hop duo is a favourite at our office, and that’s all because of their highly unique and distinctive sound which has seen them steadily rise up the ladders of fame monstrosity. This year, they’ve been a regular at most festivals, including Coachella, and seem like a tour de force to reckon with.

Tei Shi

This Brooklyn producer and songstress is probably one of the most innovative names around, for her ability to fuse R&B, indiepop and shoegaze. For electronic music lovers, she will easily be one of the freshest discoveries of the year with his seemingly seasoned style and unique sound.

Ticket prices

At a 119 EUR for a weekend pass, Forbidden Fruit sits comfortably in the affordable, with a day pass costing you as low as 50 EUR on Friday, and 60 EUR on Saturday and Sunday makes it one of the more affordable European festivals. This in the tourist conforming city of Dublin makes the experience that much more worth it.




(all images courtesy: Forbidden Fruit Facebook)