The Sherp thinks that France’s We Love Green should be on your list of summer festivals, for providing some great mix of music along with promoting sustainability.

Does your favourite music festival bring together an eclectic bunch of musicians? If yes, does it also promote environmental consciousness with a love for the green earth? Probably not? Does it happen in France? Guess no. This french festival, taking place the last two days of May, gets a lot of things right, and The Sherp rounds up all those reasons that will want to make that summer vacation to France that you’ve always wanted to!

The budget loving festival

Firstly, and most importantly, We Love Green is cheap. Cheaper than all those festivals that rake up your month’s savings, if not more. The two day pass can be reserved for a mere 75€ while a one day pass for 43€ making it a lot more affordable than the 200-300€ worth passes in all of Europe. So making We Love Green a part of your vacation will be a lot easier than you would think!


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That earthy location

We Love Green is a two-day jamboree taking place in the historically significant Parc de Bagatelle in western Paris, a park with rose beds and remarkable trees. Protectively giving it the concert vibe is We Love Green, making celebration in the park truly unique and fun, not to mention an absolutely natural experience. There ain’t no good a summer like one spent around trees, right?

11100351_952631781425190_8342755081095439175_n(images courtesy: Festival We Love Green Facebook)

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It’s ecological concern

We Love Green scores highest in its lack of pretentiousness for churning out a truly sustainable festival. Right from organising the concert in a green park, to replacing tacky stands with organic food markets, along with naturally built stages, We Love Green scores a strong number in its ecological consciousness. They have workshops where they involve people to volunteer to build the festival together from scratch, and have this year, for the first time employed a think tank for active discussions on various pressing issues. By tying up, not with commercial brands, but with deeply involved organisations instead, it’s easy to find out the festival cares!


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All inclusive

The most beautiful aspect of We Love Green is its spirit of inclusiveness, which is not just possible because of its low cost, but also, because of how family friendly the festival is, with a designated kids’ area for children to frolic about. This makes We Love Green a perfect addition to your festival itinerary should you be traveling to Europe, with family or without.


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The beautiful line-up

If you thought We Love Green was all a promotion of sustenance, with little regards for music, you couldn’t be more wrong. We Love Green is known for it’s brilliant line-ups year after year, especially its strong British indie cred. This year features acts like Julian Casablancas + The Voidz, José González, Django Django, Shlohmo, Nicolas Jaar, Ratatat, Christine and the Queens, Daniel Avery, Jets, among a host of others. That makes it all the more worth it.

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Coupled with the beautiful summers of Paris, the incredible line-up, the inexpensive cost, and its concern for the environment and its preservation, We Love Green should be in your list of festivals to absolutely go to!