Kygo gave Hyderabad and Mumbai memories to cherish – until next time!

The OLA Sunburn Arena presents Kygo concerts were one we were all too excited to be a part of. What with the global phenom, Kygo, making a return to India to perform in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Both concerts saw ecstatic fans arrive in great numbers to witness their favourite ‘Tropical House’ star.

Kygo’s 2-city India tour was a landmark moment on more than one vertical, and we had the chance to witness and have a chat with a star that we consider a frontrunner in producing some great musical hits!

Q – You were just at your Hyderabad gig. How does it feel being back in India at the Sunburn platform?

A – “It’s great! Hyderabad was amazing! There was so much energy in the crowd. I think that goes for the whole of India, you guys just love music and I can definitely feel the energy in the crowd. In Hyderabad it was amazing. There was jumping around, going crazy, singing along to every song. (So) I can definitely see that they know their music, they know their songs. They know electronic music in general. And that’s very cool for me to see. Sunburn has been great to work with as well!”

Q – What’s your take on the electronic music scene in India? Any pointers to the artists aspiring to become international sensations?

A – “The electronic music scene is growing very fast! It’s really booming right now. That’s very exciting for me to see as a DJ. I’ve only been here twice, in fact two years ago. I definitely plan on coming back here more often. Very cool to see Indian artists as well, reaching out internationally. That’s very cool.”

This year, Kygo returned to perform on the Sunburn platform, with the last time being his debut at Sunburn Goa in 2015. Hitting up two of the bigger metropolitans this year, Kygo had the chance to experience more of the Indian food and culture.

I had more time now, than the last time I was here. I was in and out, 20 hours I think (yeah) in Goa. But now I had time to go to the Gateway of India, which is very cool. And hopefully I’ll have time to do some more sightseeing.” – said Kygo ahead of his OLA Sunburn Arena gig in Mumbai. 

Kygo shared that it was great to be back on the Sunburn platform and went on to give his take on the currently running OLA campain, #PeeKeMatChala (Don’t Drink and Drive). “It’s definitely important to not drink and drive. In Norway, where I’m from, it’s serious. Like no one drinks and drives. We can’t even drink a beer and drive, it’s very strict in Norway. And I think it should be like that everywhere. So many unnecessary accidents happen because people have been drinking. You don’t just risk your own life, you risk everybody else’s life. So I think it’s definitely important to not drink and drive.”

Sunburn, which is one of the most popular music festival brands in India, aligns with OLA, the superior choice of transportation all over India, to create and deliver a much safer and more enjoyable experience to its patrons. The #PeeKeMatChala campaign is being spearheaded by OLA, as many of their previous campaigns to urge social responsibility and to prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol. Partnering with a premier festival brand such as Sunburn, OLA has the ideal platform to educate and influence partygoers about responsible ways to party and will urge them to book an OLA cab from the venue instead of driving under the influence of alcohol. Sunburn will also custom curate content for the OLA Play platform, giving customers access to artist interactions, behind-the- scenes content, live event sets and highlights which will be customized based on customer preferences.

The EDM star also went on to say that he may consider doing a Bollywood movie. Maybe! I don’t have anything planned yet, but it could definitely be cool to be involved in that world as well. There’s a lot of cool music as well, in Bollywood movies. Maybe, I’ll try to make it happen,” he said estatically.

Kygo has had a fabulous year with a number of shows all around the world, his documentary release and the release of his latest album “Kids In Love”. Having collaborated with pop biggies such as Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding, Kygo revealed that he may even have a collaboration with Alan Walker coming out soon. “Maybe! He actually lives 5 mins from my house in Norway. I know him, so hopefully we can make a track together.” 

Since the year’s ending, what are the 5 tracks you keep on repeat? 

Shape Of You Ed Sheeran

SilenceMarshmello ft. Khalid

Crawl Outta LoveIllenium


Without YouAvicii ft. Sandra Cavazza

Wrapping up a power-packed and memorable performance, Kygo has left the nation humming his tunes for days! We can’t wait to see him back in India soon!

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