Watch Jason Derulo perform on Day 1 of TIMEOUT 72, on 27th December.

Jason Derulo, one of Hip Hop’s hottest sensations at the moment was booked to perform at Goa’s newest multi-genre music festival, TIMEOUT 72, and fans (us included!) lost all their bearings! With a number of hit songs such as Swalla, Talk Dirty, Wiggle, Trumpets, and more, the artist has a plethora of achievements to his name including being one of the most streamed artists on Radio.

Speaking about performing in Goa on 27th December for TIMEOUT 72, Jason Derulo says –This is my first time to India. Music is the soul of your country and I feel privileged and humbled to be coming to India. I feel very connected to India.” Also telling us about why he’s excited to be performing in India, he adds, India is known for its cultural diversity and I’m very excited to experiment with some Indian food and explore the art and architecture of the country. I have heard of Indian music and I’d love to see how I could collaborate with some Indian musicians in the future.

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Jason Derulo has had a phenomenal rise over the years starting with his debut single “Whatcha Say” in 2009. Although a phenomenal journey, Jason’s rise hasn’t come without his own struggles. Battling a constant case of racism, Jason Derulo shares his sentiments on the issue, I think it’s important for everybody and not just musicians to raise these kind of questions. But for myself, I like to speak my mind. In recent times, seeing the tough times around the world, lending my voice and using the powers I do have, I’m going to continue to do my part. I’m going to stand for what’s right and be the best human being possible.

Q- No white man was nominated for the Album of the Year category at the Grammy Awards, making quite a statement about growing diversity? Would love to hear what you have to say about the current scene back in the U.S.? 

A- I think it’s a wonderful thing that African Americans finally have a moment. I think all the awards for a long period of time overlooked African Americans.

Q- These are exciting times for singers/performers like you, given the reach that digital platforms give. What do you think?

A- Fifteen years ago we didn’t have the option of really tapping into the fans with the click of a button. I think that’s so incredible so I stay on it. The biggest way it’s changing music is that songs don’t have to be a big hit on the radio to be a big hit. There are so many songs that are culturally big because they’re bigger on other formats, whether it’s on social media or these streaming networks. It’s exciting because the people get to decide what the hot songs are and there are so many options.”

Q- Have you ever listened to Indian musicians work? If yes, who are your favourites? If no, who would you like to collaborate with? 

A- Indian music is so diverse and is making waves across the globe. I think it’s so very layered and I do listen to it online. Unfortunately I don’t know names. I just love different genres of music and artistes. It’s always exciting collaborating and exploring a different perspective on musical collaborative concepts. I think music allows you to express yourself and I always like to see how different artists interpret music.

Jason Derulo is set to headline TIMEOUT 72 on 27th December on the Majoris – Main Stage.

Jason Derulo has expressed great interest in visiting India and says he’s “especially eager to try the naan and curries, and explore Goa and its architecture.

The artist is currently working on his upcoming album “777“. Speaking about the album, he shares, “I’m working on my album 777. I always try to create an album that’s a bit of a rollercoaster ride so my listeners don’t get bored, because those are my favorite kinds of albums. But this album, I do dive in more emotionally and more vulnerably. The songs go deep into some of my breakups and some of my failed relationships, why they may have happened or how they may have happened, or falling in love. It takes you on this roller coaster ride of who I am today. There’s this song called ‘Point of View.’ It’s a ballad and I think it’s one of the greatest songs I’ve ever written. I can’t wait to release it. I’m putting out the music that I want to put out, instead of chasing anything. Just putting out songs that touch me, you know? Whether it’s a party song that makes me want to party, or a song that makes me fall in love.”

If you’ve wondered how Jason likes to unwind when he’s not producing music, he tells us, I love watching movies and TV series. It’s my favourite activity when I am at home. I also love writing. I am also penning some screenplays for films at the moment. This has been my new pastime for two years. I work a lot, and I party a lot too. You got to reward yourself. But I’m so focused on myself and the things that I need to do to further develop my career in an artistic way.

Some of the tracks that Jason Derulo fans can look forward to at TIMEOUT 72, as revealed by Jason himself are – “Swalla, Talk Dirty, Whatcha Say,Wiggle, and Get Ugly”. Jason also says that while he would like to see more of India, he would only be able to explore Goa during this visit. A personal message to his fans – “Come over to Goa and I promise you the best time of your lives!”

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