Check out the latest love hymn by LA based, singer-songwriter, Natania Lalwani.

Folks if you’ve been scouting for that smooth anthem that would emphasize the rainy days with a little bit of the lover’s charm, look no further. “Enough” by Natania Lalwani is all shades wonderful as it is soothing in its melancholic way. The track was officially released on June 19th, with the official video following up on the 22nd of June. Check out the official lyric video below:

Natania Lalwani was born and brought up in Mumbai, India and began her musical journey being a part of  The Stop Gaps Choral Ensemble, which is considered as one of the most prestigious choirs in India. Following her graduation, Natania took up the Summer Program at the Berklee School of Music in Boston. Natania later moved to Los Angeles, where she is now based, to pursue music at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, California. The highlight of Natania’s career as a singer-songwriter was the release of her debut single off her debut E.P. titled “Cherry Love”. 

Natania keeps busy as a singer-songwriter, having contributed lyrics to quite a number of chart topping singles such as “When I Was Young” by Neo Noir, “Feel Good” by Stolar,  and also has penned music for the official trailer of “Heart Of Man” slated to release on September 15 across the U.S. Her music has also been used on shows such as US “X Factor”, “Late Night With Seth Myers”, “Born This Way”, “Teen Mom”, “Big Brother”.

Natania Lalwani is currently working with Sophie Beem, who is also signed to Beyoncé. Taking what we know from the music the young musician has been producing, we just can’t wait to give a listen to more stuff from her!

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