BBC and friends to host ‘India @ Outlook’ Boat Party at Outlook Festival 2013. Here’s all the dope on this amazing achievement!

In a week that’s been throwing all sorts of goodies about the coming of age of Indian Electronic Music [Read: Nikhil Chinapa’s nomination to the Association of Electronic Music, Bass Camp bringing Festival bringing down dnb legends Calyx &Teebee etc.] comes another amazing piece of news that further cements India’s place in the industries global scheme of things – The ‘India @ Outlook’ boat party!

Outlook Festival is one of the world’s largest Bass music and Soundsystem Culture festivals that feature performances by some of the biggest names in the scene. It is ‘THE’ festival for underground, bass-heavy music lovers.

One of the highlights of Outlook are the amazingly popular and totally mental ‘Boat Parties’ that take place as an addition to the normal festival experience at the bay of Petrcane, Croatia. And this year we are proud to announce that our very own bass-heroes Bay Beat Collective and some of their equally-heroic friends are going to be hosting their very own “India @ Outlook” Boat Party.

The line up for the Boat Party will include some of India’s best musicians from the scene such as The Reggae Rajahs, Delhi Sultinate& Begum X, BASSFoundation, Nanci& Phoebe, WuLu and Bay Beat Collective.

So if you are heading to Europe between 29th August and 2nd September 2013, make sure you add the Outlook Festival to your itinerary and show our bass-ambassadors your support.
And if you were planning to go for Outlook anyway then make sure you catch them on Boat 11 (ask for the ‘India @ Outlook’ Boat Party) on Thursday 29th August, between 20:00 – 23:00 P.M. (BST) for a party that will be like nothing you have ever experienced.

Check out BBC’s mix for Outlook below:

For tickets to the ‘India @ Outlook’ Boat Party click here