We scoured through leviathan numbers to bring you the best film festivals from around the world.

Film festivals have been in vogue since the early 1900s. Apart from providing film enthusiasts with a unique space in which to explore the art of filmmaking, these festivals also create an atmosphere of vigor and comfort found only in the throes of like-minded company. This cinematic phenomenon has spurred the launch of hundreds of festivals worldwide, but has probably left the film layman feeling vexed and out-of-sorts with the abundance of variety at hand. Nevertheless, Festival Sherpa has bravely waded through the cinematic pool to bring to surface a list of events that even a veteran moviegoer wouldn’t dare scoff at.


Cannes International Film Festival

The mother of all film festivals – Cannes is a star-studded iconic cinematic event that sets the trend for up-and-coming cinema every year. The number of industry, talent and press that regularly descend on Cannes is unparalleled. Set along the pristine beaches of the French Riviera – warm temperatures and bright sunshine only add to the exciting atmosphere of the event.


Sundance Film Festival

The cradle of the American Indie movement – Sundance is still the largest and most important film festival in the United States. It exhibits feature-length films, documentaries, shorts, and animation; all the while attracting approximately 40,000 attendees, including Hollywood stars and those seeking to catch a glimpse of tomorrow’s Oscar wins.


Venice Film Festival

For many, Venice ranks alongside Cannes as the cream of the festival crop. Every year, this expansive event is held on the island of Lido in the fascinating city of Venice; and like its French counterpart – the event is a magnet for splashy premieres, stars, parties, and paparazzi.


Toronto International Film Festival

The leading public film festival in the world – Toronto premieres first-rate titles from established and emerging filmmakers alike. Timed prior to awards season, TIFF establishes the early course of regional critics awards leading up to the Oscars.


Berlin International Film Festival

A premier European cinematic event, the Berlinale combines the glamour of filmmaking – parties, red carpet, and high fashion – with the appreciation of cinematic art in a variety of genres.


International Film Festival Rotterdam

Despite being nestled in between Sundance and Berlin, Rotterdam nevertheless attracts a regular crew of filmmakers and industry due to its pioneering efforts that have paved the way for all genres of innovative and thought-provoking cinema.


Hong Kong International Film Festival

Hong Kong’s largest cultural event – this film festival attracts an audience approximately 600,000 strong, and continues to bridge the gap between Asian cinema and the global film industry.


Guadalajara Film Festival

Considered the most significant film affair in Latin America – Guadalajara Film Festival showcases Mexican and Latino talent alongside other international works of cinematic art. GFF is an important cultural event that has been instrumental in making Latin American film a competitor in the global film industry.


International Film Festival of India

One of the oldest film festivals in Asia – the event puts equal focus on both world cinema and Indian films. Furthermore, the serene beaches of Goa play no small part in adding to the charm and allure of the festival.


Pusan International Film Festival

PIFF is not only Asia’s largest film festival; it is also fast becoming one of the world’s biggest cinematic events. The festival places emphasis on Asia’s exploding film industry, but doesn’t by any means let world cinema fall by the wayside.