The first Coachella weekend is behind us, featuring several surprise performers, fashion statements and good vibes all over, it was yet another successful edition! Here is pictorial proof of all the desert bound revelry! 

coachella tumblr gif

(Gif Courtesy : Coachella/Facebook)

1. The festival’s performances took the cake, obviously. Several surprise performances by Kanye West, Kesha, Lorde, Snoop Dogg , Sam Smith, O’Shea Jackson Jr and even presidential candidate Bernie Sanders sealed the deal.

(Courtesy: Facebook, The Telegraph)

2. The sun basked in all its glory!


(Courtesy: Facebook)

3. When you’re at a Snails gig, you only go hard!


(Courtesy: Billboard)

4. The caption on their tops though!


(Courtesy: Elite Daily)

5. Squads in their natural habitat!

(Courtesy: Elite Daily)

6. What you see…


(Courtesy: Facebook)

7. … is what you get!

Coachella 4

(Courtesy: Coachella/Facebook)

8. Coachella’s  (legendary) golden hour..

coachella 3


(Courtesy : Coachella/Facebook)

9. It’s never a bad time for a selfie, eh? (Especially if you’re a Victoria’s Secret model.)


(Courtesy: The Telegraph)

10. James Bay’s pouting skills are on point, don’t you think?


(Courtesy : Coachella/Facebook)

11. Kanye and ASAP Rocky spitting bars.


(Courtesy : Coachella/Facebook)

12. Frolicking under that Cali sun is a ritual, quite religiously observed at Coachella.


(Courtesy: Facebook)

13. That face when you get free VIP parking at Coachella for life!


(Courtesy: Facebook)

14. The stages looked spectacular in their own right! 

(Courtesy: The Telegraph)


(Courtesy : Coachella/Facebook)

15. Coachella would’ve been incomplete without its celebrities!

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton

(Courtesy: Pop Sugar)

15. When polar bears tell you to recycle, you recycle!

(Courtesy: Instagram)

16. Getting that perfect ‘artsy’ instagram shot

With the first Coachella weekend this year ending on a high note, we can’t wait for next weekend!