The fourth edition of Bacardi NH7 Weekender, Delhi ended this weekend, leaving behind some phenomenal photographs. Check them out!

Bacardi NH7 Weekender brought thousands of music lovers from all over Delhi NCR and surrounding cities to the massive new venue at Sector 10 in Dwarka to catch some of the biggest Indian and international musical artists, including headlining performances by A. R. Rahman, Flying Lotus, Mogwai and Mark Ronson. The Sherp brings you a colourful gallery of great moments from the music festival.


1. Over the last five years, BACARDÍ NH7 Weekender has grown to be one of the country’s most loved musical weekends, a reflection of the untamable spirit of the fans.

weekender delhi pri_floyd

(Image Via: pri_floyd/Instagram)

Weekender Delhi 3


2. A celebration of silliness and laughter.

Weekender Delhi 2

Weekender Delhi 1


3. And quintessential sunsets.

Ferris Wheel_BNW_Delhi

weekender delgi isilifemein

(Image Via: isilifemein/Instagram)


4. The first evening of the two-day festival saw an incredible lineup of musicians, from Noori to Faridkot. 

Noori2_dewarist_BNWDelhi_lucid illusions

faridkot_bacardi arena_bnw delhi 2015_photo by naman saraiya (1 of 6)


5. A. R. Rahman re-created the magic of his greatest tear-jerking hits on stage.

A R Rahman(2)_Bacardi Arena_BNWDelhi_Maanas Singh

weekender delhi shashipratap

(Image Via: shashipratap/Instagram)


6. Mark Ronson being his brilliant self. 

mark ronson


7. While Parikrama invoked all the patriotic feels.

(Image Via: photobiotism/Instagram)


8. And let’s not forget SBTRKT’s phenomenal set.

Sbtrkt(4)_BNWdelhi_Breezer Beatcamp_Maanas Singh


9. Raghu Dixit’s folksy brilliance.  weekender delhi devanshrangani (Image Via: devanshrangani/Instagram)


10. This trippiness that goes perfectly with Flying Lotus.

(Image Via: sidwow7/Instagram)


11. The view from the stage.

weekender delhi soodabhijit92

(Image Via: soodabhijit92/Instagram)


12. The calm before the madness. 

weekdender delhi sudhirbaliga

(Image Via: sudhirbaliga/Instagram)


13. The abstract beauty in the chaos.

weekender delhi snehavirmani

(Image Via: snehavirmani/Instagram)

weekender delhi abhilash_baishya

(Image Via: abhilash_baishya/Instagram)


14. The otherworldly simplicity of Mogwai’s set.

mogwai_bacardi arena_bnw 2015_photo naman saraiya


15. The aftermath. 

weekender delhi vibsorbit

(Image Via: vibsorbit/Instagram)


16. We hope to see the same enthusiasm at Pune next!

weekender delhi clickitmanish

(Image Via: clickitmanish/Instagram)