American alt-rock band, Imagine Dragons are out with their third album, “Evolve”, and it is a masterpiece!

‘Radioactive’ hit-makers, Imagine Dragons, are back again with yet another musical treat! Their 11 track album, “Evolve”, released on 23rd June. The album followed the release of global hits, “Believer”, “Thunder” and “Whatever It Takes”, and the entire album was officially made available to the public on 23rd June. Check out the song-video for Believer below:

The album kicks off with “I Don’t Know Why”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Believer”, that take the listener on a journey of self-reflection and doubt, before the track list comes around to those heavy Imagine Dragons harmonies we all know so well to set the overpowering overtone of inspiration. The track list is as follows:

1.       I Don’t Know Why

2.       Whatever It Takes

3.       Believer

4.       Walking The Wire

5.       Rise Up

6.       Make It Up To You

7.       Yesterday

8.       Mouth of the River

9.       Thunder

10.   Start Over

11.   Dancing In The Dark

You can listen to the entire album, here.

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