These images of a street art festival, held in an old African slave town, depict the evolution of African art perfectly and will make you wish you were there.



The Chale Wote Street Art Festival, Jamestown, Ghana, is an annually held street art festival that celebrates and appreciates the work of local and international artists who aim to colour the streets with the ethnicity of contemporary African art. These artists tell vibrant yet melancholic stories with their depictions and some of these are so brilliant, we absolutely had to share them.


Via: Chale Wote Instagram

Chale Wote has been a great platform for music, art and other live performers for several years now. An imaginative cultural gathering of creative expressions centered around African art. It’s now considered the biggest West African festival, seeing over 10,000 attendees last year.

This year’s theme, ‘African Electronics’ saw some incredibly bold and edgy artwork displays. View some of the images below.

Via: Chale Vote Instagram

Via: Chale Vote Instagram

Ghana, being one of the world’s biggest e-waste dump sites, is the best place to resource raw material from. The concept of using the waste to create something new adds to this festival another element of authenticity. Going perfectly with the festival’s electronic theme, many of the art pieces depict what electronics made of scrap would look like.

This year’s Chale Wote edition wrapped up last week. If there is any way you can visit this festival next year, we suggest you go for it. Stay tuned to The Sherp for more news.