Pepsi Max’s new ‘friend finder’ drone can make regrouping at festivals almost too easy.

One of the most common pet peeves people have when it comes to music festivals is losing your buddies in the sea of human beings present there. We sympathize folks, it’s a real issue. And to prevent this from happening, we strategize with wide-range walkie-talkies and potable chargers and even memorize our beloved bff’s outfit to make it easier to find them later.


But this can all be avoided with pepsi Max’s new invention. The ‘friend finder’ drone helps you when you lose your posse by locating them for you and uniting the group. Accessed through your smartphone, this pokeball-like blimp uses good ol’ GPS to locate your mate and bring them back to you.

Watch the promotional video below that demonstrates how the drone works.

Unfortunately, this device is still in the blueprint stage and hasn’t been created for immediate use or sale yet. The Friend Finder is an installment in the Genius series, a global campaign for Pepsi Max. Find more festival news with festival Sherpa on a daily basis.