With gigs raining everywhere, The Sherp shows you how you can enjoy them without burning a hole in your pocket!


Event and entertainment companies are bringing down the biggest names in the dance music industry every week. Tons of these would be ridiculous to miss just because you’re “too broke”. To make sure you don’t end up on the road to bankruptcy, it would be financially prudent of you to follow these small decisions that would save you a hell lot of money every time you go out!

Because The Sherp doesn’t want to see you go into debt over your love for witnessing live performances, he gives you a list of solutions that are so simple and obvious, it’s almost ridiculous!

1. Get Comped!

All you have to do is follow The Sherp – because he can give you a chance to win free passes to your favorite gigs and festivals! And a free ticket will help you save a decent chunk of change, which could comfortably sponsor your food and beverage when you’re out.

2. Carpool

Duh! Traveling in Mumbai is in no way getting cheaper. The price of petrol is getting higher than you (if you know what we mean). It isn’t hard to find a group of hometown rave buddies. Instead of using the public transport, you now have a car full of people who like the same music as you – so you can rave on the way!

3. Crash At A Friend’s!

Shelling out money for a hotel burns the biggest hole in your pocket. Hence, to make new friends in a big city who will be kind enough to let you stay with them shouldn’t be a Herculean task. Wash some dishes in the morning and fold your blankets, and their doors will always be open for you!


The Sherp does not encourage breaking the laws, but if you find a place to safely and LEGALLY drink before entering the venue, you are saving an inconceivable amount of money! Keep in mind that bringing your own water can save you a quick buck as well. But don’t get too drunk to function, or an arrest would cost you more than what you just saved!

5. Pack Your Lunch!

Carrying a dabba might sound ‘uncool’ but consider this – you’re either spending an exorbitant amount for relatively inexpensive food at festivals or you’re looking for shady eateries in the middle of the night to binge on food because you did not feed your monstrous tummy before you left! With your own packed lunch and some snacks, you can escape the overpriced comfort food. So feed on a good heavy snack before you enter the venue.

6. DON’T Pay & Park!

Why pay to park in a lot when you can park two blocks away for free? Besides, a short walk to the venue will only do your health some good! But beware of where you park your car, as misreading a sign can come with a hefty ticket or even get you towed.

7. Be That Early Bird!

Keeping a track of when early bird tickets are announced will reward you well. Yes, it does take a bit of dedication to keep abreast of the scene but trust The Sherp when he says it is worth it! Catching the early worm will also save you the disappointment when the tickets are all sold-out!

8. Sell Your Merch

From bandanas to bracelets to blown glass – selling all your wares could even fund your trip! Hosting a garage sale is a brilliant way to make a quick buck.