Newest whacky trend invades dance music!


It’s Duck Season for EDM artists and they seem to be majorly inspired by the feathered flock. No, thankfully they’re not incorporating actual sounds from ducks into their music, but the name seems to inspire them enough.

The Sherp has compiled a list of tunes which have 2 things in common – the inspiration of ducks and the fact that they’re guaranteed to make you get off your sofa and start dancing.

Clearly the annoying girls making the ‘duckface’ pose on our Facebook timelines has had some effect on these DJs!

First off, we’ve got some subtle hints like Rubber Ducky and The Quack

Danny T – Rubber Ducky

What So Not – Every Time You See Me (The Quack)

Then we’ve got Atlanta-based Watch The Duck with a track that’s sure to get stuck in your head, with its catchy beats. You’ll need your ‘bass face’ on for this one!

Watch The Duck – Poppin’ Off In Atlanta

And lastly, the ever popular Duck Sauce with It’s You.

Is this trend weird, whacky or genius?

All we can say is, what the duck?!