The life of a modern person is full of defending their decision or point of view. Sometimes these moments, imperceptibly for all participants in the conversation, turn into extremely aggressive arguments. They are difficult to manage, especially is those are disputes with lovely  girls. Not to fall for the bait of sophisticated manipulators and not to engage in debilitating verbal battles, you can use the recommendations below.

1. Ask yourself a question

The first thing you can do when you realize you are embroiled in a heated argument is to ask yourself. “What do I want from this argument?” Or “what is my goal in this debate?” Often this simple question to yourself makes you suddenly realize that you are involved in an argument, not wanting to prove your point of view. You have reacted to the provocation by inertia. When you are Ukrainian girls dating, you do not want to offend your loved one, do you? Think about the higher matter.

2. Inhale-exhale

Breathing is the most important component of a stable state of the human body. “In any incomprehensible situation, breathe,” say experts in tough negotiations and psychologists who work with difficult psychological conditions. The fact is that a stable supply of fresh air to the lungs is a signal to the brain that everything is in order. And also that nothing threatens life. That is why, for example, in case of panic attacks or in other situations of extreme stress, people are recommended to initially breathe deeply. Three controlled breaths allow you to bring your psyche into a more stable state. This means they will allow you to stop and assess the situation more soberly and clearly. And also choose the right arguments or make a decision to stop aggressive communication.

3. Change position

If you find the argument is getting too violent, take two steps left or right if you are standing. Or move to another chair if you are arguing at the table. By changing your position in space, you send an imperceptible signal to the interlocutor that you cannot be controlled. It disorients them. The person will loosen their grip. And also pay attention to your position in space in relation to who you are arguing with. Make sure that you are not opposite each other, but shoulder to shoulder. This will help end the argument. Indeed, in such a situation it is difficult to sort things out or stay involved in violent quarrels.

4. Stoplight

Sharply stop the argument, no matter how hot it may be, can help sharply put forward palm. It looks like a prohibiting and stopping gesture. However, you need to be careful with it. Your partner may think that you want to hit them. To prevent this from happening, do the movement not with a sharp lunge, but in an even and calm rhythm. The main thing is that the gesture is convincing, confident, and understandable. After your interlocutor stops talking, you can inform them of your decision to end the dialogue.